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I wear many hats, but graphic designer is not one of them.

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Coding projects:

Ratchet-JS - A Javascript implementation of the Signal double-ratchet
SC4 - Secure communications for mere mortals
CLMM - an exercise in cryptographic minimalism, the predecessor to SC4
Ergolib - a library designed to simplify programming in Common Lisp
╬╝Wiki - A teeny weeny wiki
Ciel - a Lisp-like language implemented in C++
Lexicons - lexically scoped global environments for Common Lisp

All of my public github repos

Stuff I've written that has gotten attention:

Why Lisp?
Top ten geek business myths
Lisping at JPL
My Google story

Some stuff I've written that hasn't gotten so much attention, but which you might find interesting nonetheless:

Quantum Mysteries Disentangled (and the movie version)
What are programming languages for?
Why I am not a unicornian
A chat with an imaginary friend

I made a documentary film about homeless people

Old links:
My secret identity
My personal home page

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