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I wear many hats, but graphic designer is not one of them.

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Coding projects:

SC4 - Secure communications for mere mortals
CLMM - an exercise in cryptographic minimalism, the predecessor to SC4
Ergolib - a library designed to simplify programming in Common Lisp
╬╝Wiki - A teeny weeny wiki
Ciel - a Lisp-like language implemented in C++
Lexicons - lexically scoped global environments for Common Lisp

Some stuff I've written that has gotten attention:

Why Lisp?
Top ten geek business myths
Why CSS should not be used for layout
Lisping at JPL
My Google story

Some stuff I've written that hasn't gotten so much attention, but which you might find interesting nonetheless:

Quantum Mysteries Disentangled (and the movie version)
What are programming languages for?
Why I am not a unicornian
A chat with an imaginary friend

I made a documentary film about homeless people

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